How to send 60,000 emails a day, shamelessly?

Should I type something and then come to the point or should I just come to the point?

I’ll just come to the point.

I have broken down this system into two parts. The first part is all about AWS and the second part is about setting up your Microsoft tools.

You will need the following tools. Period.

  1. AWS account. What’s AWS? Amazon Web Services.
  2. Amazon WorkMail
  3. Microsoft Word (don’t laugh)
  4. Microsoft Excel (I know you’re laughing)
  5. Microsoft Outlook (that’s it, I can hear you)

How does my setup run?

So I am using Mail Merge.

What happens exactly is, you trigger your email campaign through MS Word, which scans excel file for emails, names, etc. combines into an email and sends it using MS Outlook. Simple.

But first let’s setup AWS, because this part can take upto 48 hours, depending on your domain provider.

Let’s go.

Step 1: Go to Amazon and create one AWS account.

after 5 steps, you’ll be done.

Nice, now jump in AWS.

Type workmail in this search bar.

Once you click on WorkMail, you’ll have to create an organization. So click on create organization.

You need to add your domain, if you are using Amazon to buy domains, you should be familiar with route 53. You can select the existing route 53 and then proceed to select your domain.

But my domain is hosted on some other platform, so I am going to choose an external domain. Also no need to type https://, just type your domain name.

Click on create an organization, and we have our organization ready. This is your workmail setup and everything related to workmail will be here.

Now, before we proceed. We need to set up our DKIM and SPF records so that our emails are delivered and no one can impersonate us. To do that, click on your organization and look for domains on your left sidebar.

Click on the domains and follow the four steps. These are extremely important. Please do not skip this part. You might need to access the portal from where you bought your domain and add a bunch of DNS records.

Once you’re done, we will proceed to add a user.

Now you need to create a WorkMail user. It’s easy. Just click on torleado-com, in your case, whatever you used. and on the next screen, hit create a user.

Fill out some basic details like

and then hit next step. On this screen, you will have to choose your domain, which will be available in your dropdown list. My domain is getting verified by AWS so it’s not showing up, but if you check this guide after 2-3 days, you will see a new screenshot with my domain in it, which torleado.com

After choosing a good password and your domain, hit add user. You should see this screen next.

Now that we have WorkMail all setup, we will connect your WorkMail account to your MS Outlook, Imagine you’re connecting your gmail account to your outlook.

To do that, you need to click on Organization settings, highlighted in the image below.

Now, click on Microsoft Outlook, and go through the guide to connect your workmail with you Outlook.

You need to connect your workmail account with your outlook. Here is the guide by Amazon on connecting your workmail account with your outlook.

Check this guide and follow what amazon says

I can write another 100 words and post another 20 screenshots explaining how to connect but amazon has done that, so I won’t be doing it here. The guide is easy to follow and depending on your version of MS Outlook, you can choose which steps to follow.

Make sure your account is successfully connected and then come back to this guide.

To check that your workmail is working with you outlook, try sending some emails to your friends and harass them a bit.

If everything is working fine, let’s go to the next step, which is asking amazon to allow you to send 60,000 emails!

The most exciting part of this article.

Open your AWS account and follow the screenshot below.

Just type SES in the search box and click on “Simple Email Service”

Now click on sending statistics

and now click on “Edit your account details”

What we are doing here is asking Amazon to increase our sending limit. When your account is fresh, your limit is set to 200 emails a day by default.

The form looks something like:

Once you’re done click on submit for review. Amazon check your request and grants you access to send up to 60,000 emails a day.

Now while your domain is getting verified, and your access request is taken care of, let’s work on the second part of this guide.

The second part starts now.

Open Microsoft word and literally do what I am doing in the video below.

Now type your content, I am into cat business to I have something to show off.

So far so good. Now open Microsoft Excel in which you have data, the data should look like this, should have headers. You probably have one excel file ready to fire. If not, create one for the sake of this experiment.

Okay, so far you should have understood that we are using Word to carry your pitch or email body and your recipients are in excel.

Another note, you will need Microsoft Outlook and MS Outlook should be your default program if you are using mail merge. So make sure MS Outlook is your default email program.

Now let’s get back to MS Word and let’s connect your Word to Excel.

Just follow the video.

Now, let’s add some placeholders. Again, follow the video.

Now, let’s check if your placeholders are correct, notice how the names are changing and also the companies name like Apple, Tesla, etc.

You’re almost done. Now you have to just type your subject and hit enter.

Follow the video for the very last part of this guide.

Click on “Mail Merge to Outbox

I didn’t press the button because I have another email account in my outlook.

You’re sending 60,000 emails now or the amount in your excel sheet. Ain’t that cool?

I know, you’re going to have some problems while following the guide, and you know what frustrates me the most when I am following a guide and I can’t reach out to the author at the very moment, so guess what I am going to do?

I am going to be available for you peeps all the time. All you have to do is use the chat bot on your bottom right to ask me any questions you have.

Or you can leave a comment below if you’re not in a rush. I’ll reply, so that everyone can see your problem and the solution to the problem as well.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you learnt something new today.

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  1. How about the mail you’re sending from, it’s not getting blocked? How many emails you can send from one email/domain to avoid getting into spam filters etc?

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