Digital marketing tools you probably don’t know about.


Today I’m going to talk about some digital marketing tools which you don’t know and I think you should give these tools a try.

We all have been using those well known tools for ages now, to name some, Hootsuite, Ahrefs, Moz, Ahrefs, etc. but have you gone a mile further and explored the vast ocean of digital marketing tools?

Probably not.

So, let me show you some tools which you might end up buying!

Let’s start with the list!

1. Traffic Travis

Traffic Travis is a software designed to help online businesses boost their website traffic. It is an all-in-one tool for search engine optimization, pay-per-click monitoring and general market research.

How Novice users benefit from Traffic Travis:

  • Provides a page analysis tool that examines the important on-page SEO parts of a page and returns an SEO “score” for the page, as well as suggestions for improving the page from an SEO perspective.
  • Shows where your site is ranking in the search engines for your important keywords, so you can see at a glance rather than trawling through pages of search engine listings. Traffic Travis will even keep track of your previous positions so you can see whether your site is moving up or down over time. 
  • See who is linking to you. Traffic Travis finds your backlinks and displays important information about them including their source and the anchor texts used.
  • See who is linking to your competitors! Traffic Travis can find their backlinks and display important information about them too. This lets you see where they are focusing their backlinking efforts.
  • All tools are found in one piece of software, so it’s no longer necessary to find and visit a multitude of websites to analyze a website. 

What more experienced users will be able to do:

  • Takes the tedium out of tasks like finding search engine positions, finding backlinks, analyzing keyword density etc. Most experienced users will have found these tools available online on various websites, but Traffic Travis brings these tools and others to the desktop, which saves time hopping around. 
  • The ability to store and analyze historical data shows you the bigger trends in a market over time. Is your competitor’s site going up or down in the search rankings? Do these keywords have a high turnover of PPC advertisers, indicating that they might not be very profitable? Which words are your competitors consistently bidding on, and which ones do they drop occasionally? 
  • Provides advanced statistics, such as tracking the IP addresses of the backlinks coming into your site (advanced users will be interested in this, as they will want their backlinks to come from a variety of IP addresses). It pools these statistics into one screen so that users can easily see and compare them. 
  • Powerful PPC research tools. When you’re paying for your traffic you want to be sure that your campaigns are going to be profitable. Traffic Travis gives you an extremely comprehensive range of data to thoroughly examine a market. Using a keyword list you can see which sites are bidding on certain keywords; whether they continue to bid on these keywords over time; the movement of ads in the search engines over time; an analysis of keywords to see which words attract consistent, stable competition. 
  • Project graphs and reports that SEO and PPC professionals can either print or email to their clients. 

The key benefit for more experienced users is providing a one-stop-shop for search engine optimization, rather than relying on multiple tools on multiple websites. Being able to easily cross-reference information is also a very important benefit and allows users to save a considerable amount of time when researching their market and competitors. The PPC tools are so comprehensive and useful that they could easily be released as a separate product (in fact there are already products on the market retailing for up to USD$200).

2. SERPed

SERPed has more than 40 SEO tools combined into one gigantic software.

Trust me, this is one of the best software out there, as you dive deep in the SEO industry, you will start wishing that something like this should exist, and here it is, right in-front of your eyes.

Explore what SERPed has to offer by clicking on the button below.

3. Magic Submitter

SEO is tricky and SEO is not changing as you age. It has been working the same of less every since the day 1. In order to understand what this software actually does, you’ll have to understand how Google ranks the links.

Google counts backlinks.

What are backlinks?

The number links pointing to your website.

This software will help you build links. The more links you get, the better you will rank, this is proven and nothing can change this, this is how exactly Google has been working since day 1. This algorithm is called as PageRank.

So, that’s all this software does.

The software submits your articles to thousands of place in one click and this is really really helpful, trust me. It will take you an army of interns, and if you happen to do alone, you’ll need weeks to do what this software does.

Also the first year is really cheap, just $5 a month. Not bad? Try it and let me know about your results in the comment section.

4. Long Tail Pro

Uncover Long Tail Keywords in Minutes 
To Rank Your Pages High in Google

Long Tail Pro helps you easily find less competitive keywords that can get you tons of high-converting online traffic regardless of your niche.

Do you know what others are not doing? they are not targeting long tail keywords, but the real juice is right in the long tail keywords.

But the problem with long tail keywords is really annoying, finding long tail keywords takes forever and there’s no guarantee that you’re targeting the right long tail keyword.

So how do you fix this problem?

Well, you use the software that I am talking, because something is better than nothing and writing 2000 words only to discover that you are targeting a wrong keyword is annoying.

Try this software and let me know what you think in the comments below.

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