Hello, I'm Sagar. I'm a Digital Marketer.

I specialize in SEO and Paid media like Facebook & Google Ads. I love running marketing experiments as I believe marketing is full of experiments and nothing else.

I’m running two blogs: Torleado and The Local Belly.

My Skills

I create and implement digital marketing strategies

All ideas are unique, and have a story behind it. I stimulate your ideas, and craft a compelling story to tell others. 


I’ve been doing SEO for three years now, which made me capable of crafting a SEO strategy for any industry.

Social Media Ads

Your audience spends half of its day on Social Media, and it’s time we accept it. Having a good sense of design and words, I make compelling ad copy that attracts leads.

Web Content

Web Content is anything that goes on a website, or on your social media profiles. I use data to make content, which works perfectly everytime.

Website Design

I love beautiful and clean websites that are eye candy, and I have the perfect formula for a beautiful website. It’s all in the font and colours, and whitespace.

HTML5 + CSS3 + JavaScript

Programming is an important part of my arsenal, I use it to create magic and make marketing more meaningful.

CMS (Content Management System)

I am familiar with the world famous WordPress that powers 38% of the websites, but have you heard of Ghost CMS?  

About Me

I love amplifying your ideas like they are mine.

I am Sagar, a digital marketer from Canada.
My most recent work experience is from Recruit CRM, where I built the marketing branch of the company from ground zero. Right from the website designing, technical SEO, to onboarding new users, creating and implementing marketing strategies, and establishing an immense presence online. I managed to acquire the first 500 – 700 customers at Recruit CRM in two years. 
I graduated from Confederation College with a post graduation degree in Digital Marketing & Analytics. I loved the in-depth and technical marketing strategies that I learned while at the college. 
I grew up in Pune, a colourful & peaceful city in Maharashtra, India. Also known as the “Oxford of the East”. Apart from work which is my first love, I love binge watching on Netflix and playing DOTA2. How can I not talk about being a foodie? I am a big fan of Sushi.