Hi, I'm Sagar

I'm a Digital Marketer. I'm Working With Recruit CRM & Looking After It's Global Marketing. A lover of Sushi & Netflix.

Sagar Khanapurkar


With a year of experience in digital marketing, These are the elements responsible for good conversion rates.

Website Designs

I have created some landing pages, let me know if you want any!

  • Sagar Khanapurkar
  • Sagar Khanapurkar
  • Sagar Khanapurkar

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What is Digital Marketing? and do I need it?

In simple words, It is the promotion and advertisement of your product or service with help of the internet and electronic devices. Period.

From what people are doing on your website to how many people saw your website link on Google, How many of them clicked, How many converted into paying customers. You can track your precious money and look how your marketing budget is performing, REAL-TIME.

Irrespective of your business, having an online presence is a guranteed boost to your business.